Here at iRepairTek, we are here to minimize the costs affects of IT equipment downtime. We provide expert IT support, immediate remote troubleshooting services, on-site maintenance and repair services. We perform maintenance and repair services for laptop or desktop computers, network equipment issues and many of the peripherals connected to your network. We provide virus/malware removal and provide service to minimize them going forward.

The following services are available 24 x 7 (either on-site or remotely):

  • Computer Repair - We can service your laptop or desktop quickly and efficiently 
  • Network / Server / Email Maintenance
  • Mobile Device Repair
  • Printer Repair
  • Virus Removal and Spam Blocking

We have a multitude of repair options to suit your every need:

  • On-Site Technical Support Depending on your need, we can be there 
  • Remote Technical Support Call us day or night to ensure your serviced quickly
  • Drop Off Repair Services (bring in our equipment to one of our repair centers)
  • Regularly scheduled maintenance checks (weekly, monthly, quarterly) 
  • Corporate Service Plans​ We have a plan that is suited to your companies IT needs
  • Temporary IT Assistance full or part time on-site IT support

Your small business is a big deal! Don’t let technical difficulties drag you down. With unlimited online support and onsite assistance when you need it, you can focus on the bottom line.


Plan Features:

3 devices covered 
$9/mo for each additional device covered 
unlimited remote support

8 included on-site visits
$79/hr on-site
Standby not offered
weekly remote system health checks


iPhone ,iPad ,Smartphone ,Computer ,IT Services, Home Service

(630) 277-9011

Mobile Service & Repairs | IT Services | Home Services

If you have a computer / network setup that requires minimal maintenance, we have a plan for you. We will be there for you every moment of the day or night to support you organizational IT needs.


Plan Features:

3 devices covered 
$9/mo for each additional device covered 
Unlimited remote support
Discounted $85/hr on-site 
Standby not offered
Monthly remote system health checks

Small Business Pro

Information Technology Support

Even the big guys need a little help sometimes. On top of unlimited online support, our on-site Geeks can stand by to help at a moment’s notice!


Plan Features:

8 devices covered 
$9/mo for each additional device covered 
remote support, standby & hourly on-site visits
unlimited remote 
$79/hr on-site
$49/hr standby for on-site within 30 min
20% for non-IT services 

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​Small Business Basic

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Enterprise Pro