The iRepairTek Protect Plan provides coverage for your eligible mobile devices when mechanical breakdowns or unexpected accidental damage from handling occurs. These days, your mobile device connects you to almost every aspect of your daily life. You must protect it to stay connected!

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This plan is anything but basic! Just check out of benefits of having iRepairTek there to help out. You have unlimited remote support and a many extras. The only thing small about it is the price!

$9/​month ​  |   $179/yr

            $79 setup fee

1 in-home service / year 
unlimited remote services 
10% discount for all other services 
Discount for all other services not included in plan.
3 devices covered 


What is Covered?:

Accidental Damage from Handling (“ADH”)
Damaged or Defective Buttons or Connectivity Ports
Defective Pixels
Power Surge
Dust, Internal Overheating, Internal Humidity / Condensation

Home Basic

With Home Essentials we built upon the basic plan, but we took support to the next level. You get additional home visits, more devices covered, and more savings makes this plan one of a kind!

$19/month    |   $299/yr

$79 setup fee ​                                       

3 in-home services / year 
unlimited remote services 
15% discount for all other services 
4 devices covered 

Computer Repair & Tech Support, Networking, WiFi and Internet, Mobile, Smartphones and Tablets, TV and Audio (Except TV Mounting), Home Theater (except Home Theater setup), Device Help, Laptop, Printer, Router, Virus Removal & Cleanup, Set up a New Printer, Tune-up a Computer or Laptop, Set up a New Desktop or Laptop Computer, Troubleshoot or Repair a Printer, Back up or Transfer Data, Hook-up a New Device, Set Up or Fix an Email or Online Account, Install or Re-install OS (Operating System), Install or Uninstall Software, Get a Computer Lesson, Wipe a Hard Drive on a Desktop or Laptop Computer, Virus Removal - Online, Setup a New Printer - Online, Tune-up a Computer or Laptop - Online, Setup a New Computer - Online, Troubleshoot/Repair a Printer - Online, Backup or Transfer Data - Online, Setup an Email/Online Account - Online, Install or Uninstall Software - Online, Networking and Connectivity Support - Online, Laptop Repair & Help, Set up a New Mobile Device, Troubleshoot a Mobile Device, Set up Mobile Email, Hook up a Hands-Free Device, TV and Home Theater Connectivity Support, Hook up and Set up an HDTV or TV, Hook up a TV, Audio, or Home Theater Device, Home Stereo Connectivity Support, Set up a Universal Remote , Get a Home Theater Lesson, Set up a new WiFi Connection. Coverage does not include hardware repair of mobile devices (i.e. cracked glass, lcd, charging ports,etc.). We provide a separate mobile device protection plan for those devices.

Our Home Premium plan gives you our best service available. With this plan, the perks don't get any best than this. Bigger discounts and the most devices covered.

$39/​month   |  $499/yr

$79 setup fee                                   

5 in-home services / year 
unlimited remote services 
20% discount for all other services 
5 devices covered 

Home Essentials

Eligible Mobile Devices:

Mobile Phones
Microsoft Devices

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Home Premium

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iRepairTek Protection Plans

Plan Features:

24-hour claim support via phone or online
Quality repair or replacement may be offered with covered claims
No deductibles or shipping costs with covered claims
Expedited turnaround and same day in most cases at a Staymobile location
Education or Enterprise customers – we have customized plans for you. See your web page